New Decor

Here's some decoration :-)

Slime! Dumpster

Slime! Tree Stumps

Slime! Gigantic NES

Slime! Loudspeakers

Slime! Cardboard 4Seasons Tree

New Stuff

We needed a new mainstore for our ACC brand and played around a bit with our 3D software. So here're some new buildings (direct XStreet and/or Marketplace links will be added as soon as they're up there):

Slime! Gas Station
Slime! Barbarian Store

Hello World!

This project needed a web presence too, so here it is :-)

After the rebrand of AnimasPrefabs, we decided to create more then buildings. So you'll find decoration and prefabs for your own business. Our product range is getting bigger and bigger.

Check this blog regulary, since we add more items almost daily, you'll find new stuff here very often.

Diddi Alter